AccurioPro VDP Software Comparison

Detailed feature comparison of AccurioPro VDP Essential and Premium

Basic Software Capability Essential Premium
Works with Adobe InDesign for both Mac and Windows
Full support for variable text and images
Create optimized PDF and PDF/VT files for efficient variable output
Supports an unlimited number of database records
Advanced composition features (variable rotation, transparency, runarounds, etc.)
Menu-driven rules support for text and images (no hand-coding required)
Automatic copy-fitting of overset text, or fully expand text to fill a frame
Multi-up layout features with Cut & Stack support
Longest and shortest line testing with overset text verification
Data preflight report to check for missing images and other variable assets
Step-through print preview features with live data view
Multiple global search paths for images and articles
Supports Pantone® and custom colours for text, style sheets and frames
Advanced page layout features (facing pages, text flow across pages, etc.)
Built-in sequential numbering features and utility
Includes full USPS Intelligent Mail Bar Coding support
Complete setup is saved with each document (critical for archiving and support)
Premium-Only Features Essential Premium
Special VDP Optimizer feature provides much faster output for large VDP jobs  
Additional print driver support (PDF, PDF/VT, PostScript, VPS and PPML)  
Separate fixed and variable data stream as documents layers  
Unique job chunking feature allows large jobs to printed in smaller batches  
Variable Article support (an Article file contains multi-paragraph, styled text)  
Variable Master Page support (apply or remove Master Pages using rules)  
Variable frame support (change colour of frames or delete frames using rules)  
Unlimited support for the AccurioPro VDP Build Document feature  
Custom-named variable PDF files using database fields or conditional logic  
Allow text styling tag and embedded variables to be included in variable data  
Full support for AccurioPro VDP scripting API (for automation and custom actions)  
Optional Module Support* Essential Premium
Linear Bar Code Module (supports UPC, Code 128, Code 39 and more)
2D Bar Code Module (supports QR Code, Data Matrix, and PDF 417 bar codes)
GroupPicture Module (provides support for variable layouts and groups)
Price Style Module (automatically styles incoming pricing data)
Pro Pack Module (provides specialty scripts and custom action development)
Scripting Module (used to develop custom automation projects)

* all optional modules require a separate purchase


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