AccurioPro VDP Training Packages

Professional software training options to get you going quickly

There are a number of training options offered for the AccurioPro VDP software package. To start, the product includes a set of self-train tutorials that most users can get through in a couple of hours. In addition, access to the AccurioPro VDP Video Training web site is completely FREE for the first 90 days after your license purchase, or during your Evaluation period. All one-on-one training is delivered by our partner, Meadows Publishing Solutions, the developers of AccurioPro VDP! Please see below for a complete description of all AccurioPro VDP training package options.

Option 1 - Video Training Package

Completely FREE for the first 90 days with every license purchase!

The AccurioPro VDP Video Training web site includes a number of professional videos that will take you through all of the most powerful features of the software. The videos cover all of the AccurioPro VDP tutorial files, allowing you to work through them at your own pace. There are also several Quick Start videos for common applications that include a set of downloadable files so you can try them out on your own system. To access the AccurioPro VDP Video Training web site, please click here to get started. You will need to have your product Order Code in order to login to the site.

Option 2 - Webinar Training Package

One-on-one webinar training lead by an AccurioPro VDP expert!

With this package, an AccurioPro VDP expert leads an online training session that covers common features of the software, while offering exclusive insights and tips based upon their experience with previous VDP jobs. The trainee actually "drives" the software while the instructor guides the process (the online meeting software provides this capability). A single trainee receives the focus of the training, thereby creating an "in-house AccurioPro VDP expert". The training is based on the tutorials that are included in the AccurioPro VDP software package, and is generally broken up into two sessions of approx. two hours each. Following the session, an additional 90-day access to the AccurioPro VDP Video Training web site is provided so the trainee can reinforce what they learned during the session.

Option 3 - First VDP Job Setup Training Package

Got a live VDP job? We can set it up for you and show you how it was done!

Offered as an add-on to either the Webinar or Video Training Packages, the VDP Job Setup Package provides an added measure of confidence for the client’s first application of the AccurioPro VDP software. With this package, the client first provides all of the elements for a variable data printing (VDP) job including the InDesign document, a cleaned and sorted data file, all associated fonts and images, and a detailed description of the desired results. (These files can be uploaded to the FTP site.)

Within a minimum of two business days of receiving the required files, we will return the document, linked and ready to be processed by AccurioPro VDP, along with all of the required setup information. Following this, a AccurioPro VDP expert will schedule an online training session based upon this job. As with all of our training packages, the trainee “drives” the software with the instructor guiding the process. The scope of training is defined by the job, with a maximum online instruction time of two hours.

Special Note: The standard cost of this package represents a "typical" VDP job. If a client has more advanced VDP requirements, the project may be quoted on a Custom Project basis (see Option 4 below).

Option 4 - Custom Setup and Development

From complex VDP requirements, to fully automated processes, we can handle it all!

Some VDP jobs may have more advanced requirements, including the development of complex business rules and script-based processing. In addition, often customers want to completely automate a VDP process or application. Using the built-in programming API for AccurioPro VDP, and our extensive experience in VDP production and automation, the team at Meadows Publishing Solutions is available to consult on any project. Past projects have included a wide array of applications, including direct mail automation, store signage and POP creation, and even catalog and retail flyer production. Our team has all of the experience necessary to make your VDP application a success! For more information, please contact the Meadows sales department, or your Konica Minolta or Dealer representative.

Note: For all training packages, actual delivery (time and content) may vary to accommodate the knowledge-level, capabilities, and interests of the trainee. Please note that Meadows Publishing Solutions is not responsible for any issues that arise during training related to the client's data, network, output device, workstations, or software that is not provided by Meadows.

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