AccurioPro VDP Demonstration Videos

A collection of videos that demonstrate the power and simplicity of AccurioPro VDP

The sample videos are designed to demonstrate the full AccurioPro VDP functionality and feature set. Each video demonstrates a particular set of AccurioPro VDP features, using real-world VDP example files. All of the videos can be viewed in various screen resolutions by clicking the icon on the lower/right side of the video screen. Full Screen mode is also fully supported.

Direct Mail Postcard

Create a highly personalized Postcard with variable text, pictures, and colors

This video demonstrates many of the variable text and picture features of AccurioPro VDP. A direct mail postcard will be created as a marketing piece for prospective students. Based on the type of degree that the recipient is interested in acquiring, all of the text and imagery for the postcard will be modified automatically according to a set of rules. All rules were created using the powerful, menu-driven Rules Module that is available with all AccurioPro VDP versions. In addition, overflow text is easily handled using the AccurioPro VDP CopyFit Module, which is a standard component. A variable and styled QR Code is also created using the 2D Bar Code Module. Final output is a multi-page PDF file.  [ 6 min ]


Multi-Up ID Badges

Create a set of multi-up college ID badges with bar coding and numbering

This video demonstrates the multi-up features that are included with all AccurioPro VDP versions. A set of college ID badges, with variable text, pictures, bar coding, and consecutive numbering, will be created as a 6-up layout. As you will see, using the built-in Multi-up Imposition feature of AccurioPro VDP allows for very precise positioning control of the layouts on the sheet. The Cut & Stack feature is also previewed, which allows the ID badges to be trimmed and stacked in sorted numerical order.  [ 4 min ]


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